Free PMP® training

Free PMP® Class Terms

You can be eligible for free tuition if you recommend five or more students to attend our live classroom or virtual training and they register for the same class as you. Please note that only live classroom training is eligible for the free class offer. Online virtual training will not be eligible. Steps as follows:

  • Register for a scheduled PMP class (or request group training).
  • Recommend five or more colleagues to attend the SAME class.
  • Have your colleagues register for the exact same class as yourself (same date and location).
  • After registering please send an email to [email protected] and state that you are applying for the Free PMP Promotion. Please list your name and the names of each colleague.
  • Attend the class.
  • On the first day of class your instructor will verify your attendance and the attendance of your colleagues, and will proceed to notify 1st Choice Customer Service.
  • You will then receive a refund of your entire course fees (this may take up to seven days to process depending on your financial institution).

Please note that:

  • At least five (or more) colleagues need to be recommended by yourself.
  • All colleagues need to register and attend the same class as yourself (six attendees in total including yourself).
  • If you have recommended more than five people, then as long as five colleagues and yourself attend the class, the promotion will be honored (six attendees in total).
  • No shows will invalidate the promotion if the total number of attendees fall below six.
  • Partial credit cannot be given.
  • Only one person per group is eligible for the free training offer. For example: if 2 people recommend the same five colleagues then only one person will receive the free tuition.