PMP® Exam Simulator

Our exam simulator has over 1200 realistic PMP® exam type questions encompassing all the ambiguous and longwinded tips and tricks that you may see on the real exam. Once you receive access, you can take an unlimited number of exams during your access period.

You can take exam questions in several formats:

  • Quiz questions by Knowledge Area
  • Questions by individual topics, you select how many questions you want to see (50,100,150,200)
  • Fifty question mock exam
  • Two hundred question, 4 hour timed mock exam. You can take an unlimited number of exams. Each exam will select 200 questions at random from our databank with the same prcentage breakdown of questions by Process Group as in the real exam
  • Answers and detailed explanations are given for each question, including an explanation of why the other option choices were incorrect.

    Cost: $45 for 90 days access

    Once you have purchased and are on our system, we will send you log in details.

    Students who sign up for our live classes, both classroom and virtual will receive free access to the exam simulator.