PMP Certification

PMP® Certification Training

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® is the leading globally recognized project management qualification.

In today’s challenging job market many candidates are turning to the PMP® certification to advance their careers. In addition many employers are now requiring project managers and team leads to attain their PMP® certification. Having the PMP® certification is essential in your job search and getting that promotion. Organizations worldwide have recognized that properly trained project managers who have achieved their PMP® certification are fundamental to business success.

However the PMP® is not an easy certification to get and will require time and commitment in studying and preparing for the PMP® exam. Here, at 1st Choice Project Management Training we will help you every step of the way to ensure your success with your PMP® exam. Our unique fast-paced teaching style will lead you through all of these techniques and you will rapidly pick up the skills necessary to pass the PMP® exam. We focus on what you need to know for the PMP® exam, breaking down practice questions to show you all the challenging situations the PMP® certification exam can throw at you.

Even the PMP® application itself can be a challenge. Once you register we will assist you with the PMP® application process and your assigned academic adviser will even check your PMP® application to ensure you are on the right steps.


Classroom Options

We offer various training programs to suit your busy schedule, including:

  • Customized corporate training: conducted in-house at your corporate office.
  • 2-day PMP® review and introductory classes: ideal for those who are unable to take four days off work to attend our comprehensive 4-day bootcamp
  • 3-day PMP® bootcamp classes: very intensive fast paced class covering the full PMP® exam materials
  • 4-day PMP® bootcamp classes: traditional fast-paced bootcamp class covering the full PMP® exam materials
  • Online instructor-led classes: our 2-day, 3-day and 4-day classes are also taught virtually

Here are some of the many benefits you will receive during your PMP® training boot camp:

  • Instructor-led course taught by well experienced PMP® certified training instructors.
  • Personal academic advisers who will help you complete your PMI application
  • Modern training facilities in convenient locations
  • Small class sizes to give you individual attention
  • Printed copy of our PMP® training manual.
  • Additional PMP® training aids
  • Unlimited access to our PMP® exam simulator
  • Unlimited access to supplemental training videos
  • Support and advice in filling out the PMP application
  • Pre and post class tutoring support from your personal academic adviser

PMP Certification Training FAQs

What is the cost for taking the PMP exam?

If you are a PMI member the cost of the PMP exam is $405. Any additional retakes cost $275.
For non-members, cost of the PMP exam is $575. Any additional retakes cost $375.

Is the PMP exam hard?

The PMP exam is considered to be challenging, and the difficulty level varies depending on the individual’s experience and preparation. However, with thorough study, practice, and dedication, there is no reason why you cannot pass. At 1st Choice Project Management Training we will lead you every step of the way from mastering the materials to teaching you all the tips and tricks of answering PMP exam questions.

Which is better Prince2 or PMP?

Prince2 is a project management methodology developed in the UK and widely used in Europe, while PMP is a certification developed in the US and recognized globally. Prince2 focuses on the process of project management and provides a framework for managing projects of any size, while PMP focuses on the knowledge, skills and best practices needed to lead and direct projects effectively. Ultimately, the choice between Prince2 and PMP depends on your specific goals and the requirements of your industry and region.

How long does it take to study for PMP?

The length of time it takes to study for the PMP exam varies depending on your prior knowledge and experience in project management. On average, students that attend our class typically spend 80-100 hours of studying, including taking practice tests and exam simulations to prepare for the exam.

What is better Six Sigma or PMP?

Six Sigma and PMP are both valuable certifications in the field of project management, but they serve different purposes. Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology focused on process improvement and waste reduction, while PMP is a broader certification that covers a range of project management knowledge and skills.

What is the pass rate of PMP?

The PMP exam is challenging, and the failure rate varies from year to year. According to recent statistics, the average pass rate is around 50-60%. However, by attending one of our classes the pass rate consistently rises to 99%.

How many times can you fail PMP?

If you fail the PMP exam, you can retake it up to two times within a year from the date your application was accepted from PMI. Each retake attempt incurs a re-examination fee of $275 for PMI members ($375 for non-members).

How long is PMP valid?

The PMP certification is valid for three years from the date of passing the exam. To maintain your certification, you must earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) during this period by engaging in professional development activities related to project management.

Is the PMP exam open book?

No, the PMP exam is not open book. Candidates are not allowed to bring any reference materials or electronic devices into the testing center.